What We Do

Tackling Economic

Disparities in Africa

Through its research and other activities, the CPRA seeks to address economic growth disparities that have translated into inclusive growth for young people in some African countries but not in others, with a more and better equitable distribution of opportunities, higher youth employment and lower unemployment rates. Youth unemployment, often associated with poverty and inequality, is a pressing economic, social and political problem to most African countries.

Our Key Activities

Our Research Units

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Explore critical emerging trends in technology and entrepreneurship to create sustainable solutions through data science.

Economic Prosperity

Conduct indepth micro and macroecomonic research that leads to evidence informed policies in collaboration with practitioners, academic institutes, business sector and communities for inclusive growth and development.

Trade and Investment

Conduct research that inform business strategies and opportunity identification for youth economic participation.

The Environment

Conduct research on the sustainable use of natural resources to ensure prosperity of the present and future generations.

Security and Human Rights

Our research focus on issues of equity across classes, marginalised groups and fair distribution of development.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our research impact is evaluated to inform future work and build institutional capacity to improve policy outcomes and quality.

Our Funding Sources

  • Research Grants

    These grants will be solicited from different sources with an interest in the core thematic areas which form its core business: Poverty, Inequality and Youth Unemployment.

  • Donors

    The Centre will seek 4 noncommercial donors to support its work in the Southern Africa region as it is a vast terrain to cover and needs teams of specialist researchers to carry out credible research that creates value for money.

  • Specialized Projects

    Through innovative fundraising the Centre will execute (research commercialization) specialized projects that have commercial value for commercial banks, tech companies, environmental conservation and sustainability, Agricbusiness, mining, procurement companies and ecotourism, contracted research and consultancies, joint research projects and targeted proposals.

  • Strategic partnerships

    By partnering with institutes and organisations sharing a similar mandate, the Centre will mobilise for joint research ventures to attract pool funding. Partnerships will also provide funding for contract research.

How the Model Will Work

1. Remote Convening

The CPRA will rely primarily on ‘remote convening’ groups to conduct both micro and macroeconomic research on the different thematic areas. Our research is transdisciplinary to create policy impact on mitigating youth inequality, poverty and unemployment. The work of these groups will be synthesized in main conventions held from time to time (online or in person) leading to publications of the findings arrived at these conventions.

2. Regional Hub

The CPRA will be a regional hub assisting the private sector, governments and third sector to grow their organisations and create employment opportunities.  For purposes of building a robust model of academic research and operational excellence, the Centre will focus its initial work in the Southern Africa region.

3. Recruitment

Professionals (including academics, researchers, practitioners, business leaders) will be recruited from both serving and retired experts globally to ensure that the quality of work is world class. Remuneration of the engaged experts will be determined by the Board of Trustees.

4. Base of Operation

The Secretariat is based in Botswana and will guide the experts in execution of their mandate administratively. All accounting procedures related to finances, audits, taxation will be overseen by the Board or a sub-committee of the Board.

"Poverty is not a destination, just as education is not an asset if it does not bring economic value/money to the individual"

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