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The founding principle and intent behind the establishment of the Centre for Policy Research Africa (CPRA), is that it operates as a think-tank and cutting-edge research institute that will address key continental social and economic development policy issues, that pertain in particular to key segments of the African population; youth. Its goal is to bring hope to the African child by conducting germane research with regard to policies and programmes that are ultimately intended to facilitate and provide opportunities for youth to actively participate in the economic space.

Our geographic focus is Southern Africa, in our current and future endeavours we will share and learn from best practices in Africa and elsewhere to improve our research quality and impact. This is ‘an idea of its time’, a crucial avenue to building the future of Africa by developing the human capital through skills development and training in different sectors of the economy. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world-leading Centre for context sensitive, research-based solutions to contemporary development challenges with a particular focus on youth unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Our Mission

The mission of the Centre for Policy Research AFRICA (CPRA) is summarized in five words:
Innovation. Equity. Enterprise. Opportunity. Research


Our work will be new as well as applied. We innovate in research as well as ensure that our application of new knowledge is evidence-based.


Our research will ordinarily be made available as open source to help increase take-up and capacity in other places.


We transfer knowledge to the wider community to enhance quality of life and strengthen both local and national economies.


Our research will make the ‘right to development’ a reality and accessible.


Our research is transdisciplinary, ethical, rigorous and context sensitive to inform policy.

Why We Exist

  • We Want to Build a Better Tomorrow

    We believe that creating sustainable commercial solutions developed and driven by African youth and future proofing value chains in sustainable energy, health, sanitation and agri-business can be realized through equitable access to education and mentoring.

  • We Want to be a Catalyst for Change

    We reckon that operations such as ours will be crucial avenues for creating long term solutions to youth marginalization through enlisting expertise and resources from governments, universities, NGOs and the business sector.

Our Value Proposition

Through our high-level intellectual, longer-time horizon (evidence must come from the future) and context conscious research output, we are the only organisation to provide a resilient approach to policy development, business strategy and opportunity identification.

Research Innovation for Policy Impact

The CPRA seeks to create partnerships that will leverage multidisciplinary expertise to create business and employment opportunities that can lead to employment prospects for young people. It is envisaged that the collaboration eventually will lead to the establishment of Research Innovation for Policy Impact, where youth in different African countries develop and execute their applied curiosity and commercial awareness to navigate regional, continental and global systems as producers of goods and providers of services.

We Want to

Transform African economies in the next decade and create a substantial number of jobs every year.

This Will Lead to

The advancement of Southern African economies into a hub of export channels to the world.

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