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Centre for Policy Research AFRICA

A think-tank and cutting-edge research institute that addresses key continental social and economic development policy issues, that pertain in particular to key segments of the African population; youth. Its goal is to create opportunities for youth to participate in the economy. Our geographic focus is Southern Africa, in our current and future endeavours we will share and learn from best practices in Africa and elsewhere to improve our research quality and impact. The CPRA is also a founding member of the African Union Network of Think Tanks for Peace and Strategy Group.

The Centre for Policy Research AFRICA is Registered in the Deeds Office of Botswana under NO: MA592/2022.
The CPRA operates as a Trust in terms of Section 7(1) of the Trust Property Control Act NO.11 of 2018 of Botswana, Trust NO: TUHGB-000070-22.

Objective & Outcomes

The CPRA focuses primarily on the key policy challenges that nations around the world are grappling with regarding youth poverty, unemployment and inequality. We seek to provide outcomes that include the following:


Integrated markets for products and services with less protectionist trade strategies that create economic opportunities for youth.


Create innovation districts across Africa to curb affordability gap for youth in accessing incentives for entrepreneurship.


Decrease in inequality in terms of middle class squeezing which will drive economic growth through income and expenditure.


Diversification of the energy sector to make it cheaper to venture into agribusiness and other new services.


Creation of new occupations and sectors through technological change.

Our Key Activities

Our Values


We inspire our clients to meet the developmental challenges of their communities in a sustainable way.


We value diversity among our partners, and respect diverse points of view as part of our commitment to professionalism and research integrity.


We aspire to be transparent and accountable in our decision-making.


We want to work in partnership with our clients, our colleagues and collaborators, and with other organisations sharing the same goals.


We commit to fostering a diverse research community that respectfully embraces and affirms individual perspectives and identities to create an environment that promotes inclusion and equity for all.


We have an obligation to our clients and to society to fulfil our mission and, in doing so, to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Envisaged Impact

CPRA aims to build an agile (highly adaptable) cadre of youth entrepreneurs by 2030 and beyond. Youth will be trained to keep up with trends and think globally to connect their aspirations, assets and market realities and translate their youthful elan and creativity into business opportunities to help alleviate poverty and unemployment.

"An Equalitarian Growth Strategy is the Key to Youth Inclusion"

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